Managing your radio station's
streaming schedule is a breeze

Manage your streaming schedule with powerful repeating rules designed for community and independent radio.

Your radio station automated with Radio Cult.

Scheduling has never been easier

Repeating rules made for radio

Radio scheduling can be complex. Make it easier with Radio Cult. We support more powerful rules than other tools, which only allow events to repeat weekly.

Detailed events

Our events are designed for radio, complete with all the details you need. Enter the media type - live, mix, playlist - description, link artists to each event, colour your schedules so you can work out what's happening at a glance and more.

Link artists to events

Link artists to your events and shows. Keep track of who is doing what and easily deal with the messy reality of running a real life station.

The calendar that makes your life easier

Streaming is as simple as using a calendar. Manage your entire station's broadcast schedule with Radio Cult. Create events easily, attach media and add repeating rules to fill out your calendar.

Use the powerful scheduling capability to organise your stream and then use that data to power your website.

Calendar screenshot

Events with all the details your station needs

Our scheduling functionality is designed for radio. We support powerful repeating rules that match the real world. Have an artist play on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month? We can handle that. Have an artist play monthly on the 5th? We can handle that too. What about an artist that plays daily except for Saturdays? We have you covered there as well.

We also let you fill out all the details needed to manage a station's schedule. Choose from your media library - schedule an archived mix, a live show or one of your playlists. Enter the event description, link artists to the schedule so you know who is on what show, colour your schedules so you can work out what's happening at a glance and more.

Calendar event screenshot