Stay on top of your
artist data

Store all your radio station's artist & presenter data in one place, manage your broadcast schedule and use workflows to keep everything in sync.

People management made easy

Attach artists to your schedule

Link your artists to your broadcast schedule. You can track who is on what show and update it at any time. Let your artists be informed of when their next show is.

Add custom tags

Create your own custom tags and assign them to your artists. Use the tags to power your station's custom workflows. Track who is onboarding, who needs new artwork done - anything you want.

Filter and search

Filter and search on your artists' tags, name and email. No matter how many artists you have, you'll be able to find them.

External editing

Your artists can update their details at any point so you don't have to. Save yourself the work of copying over artist updates from emails and messages. Focus on the real work.


Every time you add an artist to the platform we send them an email with the link to their new profile. This is all configurable, of course. You can be secretive if you want to be.

All your artist & presenter data in one place

See all your artists at a glance. Filter and sort on custom tags, emails and/or names to find your artists whenever you need them.

Need to find all artists that are late paying their subs? Or all new artists that are onboarding and need to be brought up to speed? Then utilise the custom tags to power your station's workflows.

Move off of Word, Excel, Google Docs and onto the platform designed for station artist management.

Artist table screenshot

Artist profiles

Create a profile with just an email. Then, your artist and presenter details can be filled out by you or the artist themself.

Quickly grab any artist details you need when running your station - like artwork and handles for posting to socials or contact details, genres and description for Mixcloud uploads.

It's all your artist data in one place.

Artist profile screenshot