Beautiful embeddable components
for your radio station's website

Simple to use, outstanding results.

Use the components with any site builder out there - like SquareSpace, Wix or WordPress. It's as easy as copy and paste.

There's no need to pay designers or developers for custom work with our embeddable components.

Drop-in components to take your website to the next level


Theme the embeddable components to fit them into any design. Customise primary color, background color, borders and more. You can update the theme at any time.

Easy to use

Simply copy and paste the embed HTML code from our platform into your site. Any change you make is updated in the embed code - making rapid changes and prototyping simple.

White labelable

Don't want our branding on the components? No worries, we wouldn't want to steal your thunder. Removal of the branding is available on the Professional tier.

Fully themeable to fit any design

Proud of how your site looks? Don't worry, we're not asking you to compromise on quality. Our embeddable components are fully themeable.

Change the primary / highlight colour, the background color and the borders. You can also remove the Radio Cult branding if you wish (we won't get angry).

themeable embeds user interface screenshot

Player embeds to get you up and going

Want to get going with your new station quickly?

Once you've created your Radio Cult account, choose a site builder and chuck your Radio Cult player embed in. Your new station will be up and running in no time. You focus on the music and we will focus on the functionality (and looks!).

Already have an existing website but want to add some flair to it?

Our embeddable components look beautiful, are simple to use and can be themed to fit into any existing design.

Embeddable chat rooms to engage your listeners

Build your station's community with an embeddable chat room. Build engagement and draw back repeat listeners with every message sent.

Our chat rooms have full Gif support, store your messages for 6 months and support sending station-verified messages.

Our chat rooms are also mobile compatible. The chat rooms work across the Radio Cult mobile app and web so your listeners can engage no matter how they listen.

Popout websites so you don't need your own site

Share your radio station with one of our popout websites and you won't even need to make your own website. It couldn't be any easier to reach your listeners.

Have an existing website but don't want to change it much?

Simply replace your listen button with one of our popout websites. We can handle all the dynamic content - like schedules, who is playing and the artwork of the current show.

Display your station's schedule
Let your listeners know who is playing so they never miss another show. Updating your station's schedule can be tedious with most frameworks. It couldn't be simpler with Radio Cult.