Build your radio station's community
with one of our chat rooms

The chat room built for broadcasting

Put the community into community radio and build engagement with every message sent.

Everything you want in a chat room

Station verified messages

Let your listeners know you're live and in charge by sending messages through our platform. They will be tagged as being sent by you.

6 month chat history

We store your messages for 6 months. Scroll through the history of your chat room.

Unlimited users

All your fans can be in the chat room at once. We want your station to succeed. Why would we limit the number of users?

Full Gif support

A picture is worth a thousand words. Why use text when a you can send a fun Gif?

Your own chat room in less than 5 minutes

Signing up to Radio Cult takes less than 5 minutes. Your chat room will be ready as soon as you sign up.

Mobile and web chat rooms

The chat room will appear on the Radio Cult mobile app and can be embedded on your site.

Your chat data is shared across mobile and web so your listeners can always join in, no matter how they listen.

The chat is fully themeable and supports station verified messages, gif and text messages and has 6 month chat history.

Embedding the chat on your website is as easy as copy and paste.

Fully themeable to fit any design

Proud of how your site looks? Don't worry, we're not asking you to compromise on quality. The chat room is fully themeable.

Change the primary / highlight colour, the background color and the borders. You can also remove the Radio Cult branding if you want (we won't get angry).

themeable embeds user interface screenshot

The chat room optimised for live streaming

Generic chat rooms aren't designed for broadcasting and live streaming. The Radio Cult chat room is.

Messages sent from the Radio Cult platform are tagged as station-verified messages. That means all of your listeners locked into your live steam can tell when a message is sent from you, or from another listener.

Peak FM

Who's feeling this one?

SAT 7:28 PM

Peak FM

Give us a signal if you're locked in!

SAT 7:28 PM


Easy, selector!

SAT 7:28 PM

No user caps or pricing. The chat room scales to meet your broadcast.

Other platforms charge per number of users in the chat room. We don't.

We want you to have a successful broadcast. If you have hundreds of people listening to your live stream then they should be able to join the chat room.

Community radio is all about community. Build your station's community with our chat rooms designed for broadcasting and live streaming.

Already have your own mobile app?

No worries. Simply embed the web version of the chat into your mobile app via a web view. It's as simple as copy and paste. The chat room is responsively designed so it looks great on any screen size.