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The streamlined listening experience your listeners want. The mobile home your station needs.

Give your listeners a mobile friendly way to listen in less than 5 minutes with the Radio Cult mobile app.

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Your station's mobile home, on the app designed for community radio

Chat rooms

Chat to your listeners in one of our chat rooms. The chat room data is shared across mobile and web, meaning your listeners have a native way to listen and chat - no matter how they lock in.

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Do you play mixes rather than playlists? No worries. Your listeners can Shazam all of your tracks, meaning they can always ID the current track in the mix.


Your schedules flow through to the Radio Cult app. Making sure your listeners never miss another set.

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Community is better when we do it together

Showcase your station next to the some of the best out there. Music is better when we do it together.

Radio Cult is all about community radio. Join the Radio Cult mobile community and let your listeners lock into your station and all their other favourites in one place.

Native mobile chat room for your listeners to engage

Our chat rooms allow your listeners and presenters to chat and build a community.

The chat room is natively supported on mobile and can also be embedded on your site. Your chat data is shared across mobile and web so your listeners can join in, no matter how they listen.

Show your listeners who is playing - now and in the future

Manage your schedule with Radio Cult. The schedule data flows through to the app so your listeners never miss their favourite show. We take your schedules and help your listeners plan out their week ahead.