built for your radio station

Schedule mixes, create curated playlists, automate your schedule and go live at the press of a button.
This is radio broadcasting and programming built for your needs.

Broadcasting designed for independent and community radio

All media types

Go live at the click of a button, schedule mixes, sets and playlists. We support the use cases of real stations.

Broadcast live

Broadcast live at the click of a button. It's as easy as that. Stream your mix directly across the internet or have a lively debate. The choice is yours.

Generous cloud storage

Our generous cloud storage scales to meet the needs of every station, no matter your size. We offer 2x or more cloud storage for similar prices compared to other streaming providers.

Play when nothing is scheduled

Don't have time to plan out your week's broadcast schedule? No worries. You can choose a playlist to play when nothing is scheduled. Our Auto DJ will make sure there's never empty air.

Schedule mixes & sets

We natively support scheduling mixes and sets. Unlike other tools you don't need a playlist to schedule a mix. Just choose the audio file and you're good to go.

Plan your broadcast out

Create events as far into the future as you want. Assign media to your schedule - mixes, sets, playlists or go live!

Broadcasting is as simple as creating an event in a calendar. Starting your own radio station couldn't be any easier.

Automate your radio station

Use our broadcast automation features to make running your online radio station a breeze.

Automate your schedule by giving your events repeating rules. Want a certain playlist to play every third Thursday of the month? Or maybe every second week? No worries. Our system can handle that. Just create an event, choose the repeating rule and we will automate the event out into the future.

Calendar event screenshot
Example playlist

Build and schedule your own playlists

Curate playlists to show off your station's sound. Create as many playlists as you want and schedule them whenever, wherever.

Don't have anything scheduled? Don't worry. You can set a playlist to play between gaps in your schedule so your listeners always have something to lock in to.

Connect to &

Connect your Mixcloud & Soundcloud accounts to Radio Cult to streamline your workflow. Schedule a mix and then upload it once it's streamed to your listeners.

Running a station should be simple. Why should you be forced to upload your mixes to every platform out there? Let Radio Cult handle that for you.


Generous cloud storage that scales with your station

We offer more cloud storage than other providers. We know that independent and community radio need that storage. Whether it's for playlists or maybe you have gigabytes of archived sets. Pick the platform that understands what you need.

Calendar screenshot