Powerful analytics to
track user engagement

Track listener stats so you can make informed decisions about your radio station.

We know that insights are important for your radio station. So let us show you the data you need to know.

Watch your listenership grow with Radio Cult analytics

Consolidated analytics

All your analytics in one spot, no matter how your fans listen. Analytics direct from your streaming server are consolidated in one, simple to understand view.

Automatic collection

Everything flows through automatically. Just signing up is all you need to start seeing detailed statistics for your station.

Works with any client

We collect analytics direct from the source - your streaming server. That means our analytics work no matter how your fans listen - whether that's mobile, web or anything else.

Privacy focussed

We are very privacy focussed at Radio Cult. All of the statistics are 100% anonymised and devoid of personal information. We care about your listeners' privacy.

Up to date analytics

Your analytics update as your listeners lock in. Don't worry about long delays or loading times - the Radio Cult analytics are always up to date.

Notice trends over time

We keep your analytics so you can notice trends over time. Your station is going to be around for a long time so you need an analytics tool that will be as well.

The analytics dashboard designed for community radio

Community radio is all about community. But how can you build that community if you don't know how your station is doing?

Use the Radio Cult analytics platform to make informed decisions about your station. Watch your listenership and community grow as your station puts in the work.

Calendar screenshot

See how many people are listening right now

Always have your hand on the pulse with our live now analytics. Real time feedback is exactly what your community radio station needs to know if you're engaging with your audience.

Listening now screenshot
Mobile likes screenshot

Get insights into your mobile listeners

Radio Cult provides your station with a mobile home. All the statistics from mobile flow through to your analytics dashboard so you can tell how you are performing mobile and web.