How To Upload Mixes to Soundcloud

How To Upload Mixes to Soundcloud

November 28th, 2023

Here at Radio Cult, we are excited to announce that we have just released our newest feature: Soundcloud integration. After the initial setup, this feature will allow you to upload any track you have stored with us to Soundcloud.

This integration feature is all about saving your station time. We know time is at a premium for independent and community radio. So rather than having to upload your mixes to multiple platforms. Simply upload a mix once to Radio Cult, complete a few simple steps and then let us handle the separate upload to Soundcloud.

What is Soundcloud

Before we explain the process of how you integrate and then upload to Soundcloud. Let’s first describe what Soundcloud actually is.

Soundcloud is one of the largest audio streaming services in the world, dedicated to being an artist-first platform. Soundcloud has around 120 million monthly active users. The platform can be accessed on iOS, Android, Sonos, Chromecast, Xbox and the web.

Soundcloud is all about empowering both its artists and its listeners. For artists, it provides the tools for them to build and grow their careers. Whilst for listeners, it provides a platform for them to discover and share new music.

How to integrate

Integrating with Soundcloud

It should go without saying that to integrate with Soundcloud you must first have an existing Soundcloud account. If you don’t have an existing account already, you can click here to sign up.

Once your Soundcloud account is all set up, please log in to Radio Cult. After successfully logging in, please navigate to the Integrations page by clicking the Settings button (the cog symbol in the top right hand corner of the platform) and selecting the Integrations option in the Station sub menu (Settings -> Integrations).

To begin the actual integration process, click the Connect button within the Soundcloud section. You’ll be directed to login into your Soundcloud account, where you’ll be asked to authorise Radio Cult. After completing the process, you should be redirected back to the Integrations page. A green CONNECTED status should be displayed to you, confirming your Soundcloud account is now successfully integrated with Radio Cult.

How to upload

Uploading to Soundcloud

To upload a track to Soundcloud, please first navigate to the Media page. Then find the track you wish to upload and click on the Actions (…) button for that specific track. From the drop down menu, please click the Upload to Soundcloud button. A pop up window will appear where you can edit the track’s name, tags and description. You can also upload an image for the track’s artwork. Once you’re happy with the track details, please click the Upload button. With that, the track will then begin uploading to Soundcloud!

Please note that Soundcloud enforces that mixes be less than 500MB in size

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